Container Freight: Exact prices and flexible conditions for freight transpo...

Container Freight: Key Aspects and Freight Rate

Global logistics requires reliable and efficient freight transportation solutions, and container freight is becoming an integral part of this process. Let's take a look at the important aspects of container freight, including its importance, features and, of course, cost.


Контейнерные перевозки

What is Container Freight?

Container freight is the process of renting shipping containers for the transportation of goods. Shipping containers are standardized cargo units that can be transported by various modes of transportation including sea, rail and road. Container freight enables companies to rent containers to transport their goods around the world.

Importance of Container Freight


  1. Global Shipping: Container freight plays a key role in global logistics by transporting goods over many thousands of kilometers.

  2. Cost Efficiency: Container freight reduces shipping costs through standardized containers and optimized routes.

  3. Reliability: Containers protect goods from external influences and damage, making container freight a reliable mode of transportation.

Factors Affecting Container Freight Rate


  1. Size and Type of Container: Different sizes and types of containers have different rental prices.

  2. Route and Distance: The length of the route and the distance between points affect freight rates.

  3. Tariff Rates: Carrier companies' tariffs can vary depending on the time of year and demand.

Advantages of Container Freight


  1. Flexibility: Container Freight allows you to customize transportation to meet your specific needs.

  2. Safety: Containers ensure the safety of the cargo throughout its journey.

  3. Speed: Minimizing transloading and re-sorting reduces delivery time.


Container freight is an integral part of modern logistics. It ensures global delivery, cost efficiency and reliability. The cost of container freight depends on several factors, and companies can find optimal solutions by combining quality and economy. This shipping method will continue to play an important role in global logistics, delivering goods around the world.

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