Air Freight Costs: How to Calculate and Optimize Your Expenses

Airfreight Costs


Planning and organizing freight transportation is an important part of business that requires attention to a lot of details. In the case of international air freight transportation, the cost of airfreight becomes one of the key factors that affects the budget and bottom line of your business. Let's take a look at how to calculate and optimize the cost of air freight for your business.


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Factors Affecting the Cost of Air Transportation


  1. Weight and Dimensions of the Shipment: The cost of air transportation often depends on the weight and dimensions of the shipment. The larger the shipment and the bulkier it is, the higher the price.

  2. Distance and Route: Distance and specific route also affect the cost of transportation. Long distances and complicated routes can mean higher costs.

  3. Timing and Urgency: If you need express shipping, this can affect the cost. Delivery times and the need for priority service can increase costs.

  4. Freight Type and Specificity: Some types of shipments may require specialized services, which will also increase the cost.


How to Calculate Air Freight Cost

Calculating the cost of air freight may seem like a daunting task, but with professional help and careful planning, it is doable. Start by asking several air carriers and logistics companies for quotes. Pay attention to all aspects of transportation and choose the best offer that fits your needs and budget.

Optimizing Airfreight Costs

To optimize the cost of air freight, you should consider several strategies:

  1. Planning and Forecasting: Planning ahead allows you to choose the best time for transportation and avoid rushing, which can save you money.

  2. Combined Transportation: Consider combined transportation, which can reduce costs.

  3. Choosing the Optimal Route: Research routes and choose the most efficient and cost-effective options.

  4. Partnering with Professionals: Contact experienced logistics partners and customs brokers who can help you save on cost and ensure on-time delivery.


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