Help & Support: Your Guide to the World of Shipping and Customs Clearance

Help & Support

Welcome to Trans-Hope's Help page. We understand that questions can arise at any time during the shipping and clearance process. In this section, we provide useful information and support contacts to ensure you receive reliable and satisfactory service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting our support team, you can review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list where we provide answers to many common queries. We strive to provide transparency and ease in all aspects of our services.

How Can We Help?

Our services range from international transportation and customs clearance to warehousing. If you have any questions or difficulties, our experts are ready to help you in the following areas:

  1. International Shipping: We provide information on the status and time of delivery of your shipment.

  2. Customs Clearance: Our experts can help you understand customs procedures and documents.

  3. Payment and Tariffs: We provide information about the prices and fees for our services.

  4. Warehousing: If you have questions about warehousing, we will provide you with the information you need.

Customer Service Contacts

We are available to answer all your questions and inquiries. You can reach us at the following contacts:

•    Phone: +38/067/440-79-29
•    Email: info[AT]
•    Real-time chat:  Телеграмм Viber WhatsApp


We are committed to providing quality and satisfactory service to our customers. Help and support is always available to make your shipping and clearance experience more comfortable.