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Sea container transportation, Auto delivery of goods from Europe, Air transportation from the USA.

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Working with us, you get not just cargo delivery, but an understanding of the entire process, costs at every stage, insurance and confidence in building the entire supply chain, from the factory to your warehouse.

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When you want to move from the complex to the simple, clients choose Trans-Hope. We are at arm's length. You can easily and without hesitation discuss any issue, from searching for goods abroad, organizing packaging, cargo insurance, cargo delivery and customs clearance. Not forgetting about tax optimization.




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Cooperation with foreign counterparties is a strategically important and profitable business for many Ukrainian companies.

We will help you analyze the business processes of successful importers, calculate, repeat and optimize successful cases that are present on the market

Trans-Hope is your reliable partner in the world of logistics and transportation. We provide comprehensive freight transportation solutions, including air freight, road freight and sea container shipping. In addition, we specialize in quality customs clearance.

Airfreight: Instant Connection to the World
Our air transportation service guarantees fast and reliable delivery of your shipments around the world. No matter the size of your business, our services are all about quality and on-time delivery.

Auto Transportation: Flexibility and Reliability on the Roads
We provide auto transportation tailored to your needs. Our fleet of trucks provides flexibility and reliability in the delivery of goods, ensuring safe and accurate delivery.

Containerized Transportation: World Scale in Your Hands
Containerized ocean freight allows you to expand your geographic reach. We guarantee the efficient use of containerized transportation in compliance with all standards and regulations.

Customs Clearance: No Problems and No Delays
Our team of customs brokers knows how to minimize risks and delays at customs. We pay special attention to the correct and fast customs clearance of your shipments.

Your Success - Our Mission
Trans-Hope takes pride in helping your business grow and prosper through efficient trucking and customs clearance. Contact us today, and trust the logistics professionals.

Our services

Our clients trust us with the following:


Supplier search

Search for suppliers in China, negotiations with European counterparties

Cargo consolidation

Combining cargo from several sellers into one shipment

Transportation insurance

We strongly recommend insuring risks with first-class insurance companies

Cargo delivery

Prompt delivery of goods by sea, delivery of goods from Europe, air transportation

In Ukraine

Importer service

We will buy goods abroad on your behalf and deliver them to Ukraine

Customs clearance

We clear cargo from 1 kg at all customs offices of Ukraine

Foreign trade consultations

We will consult and develop for you a delivery chain from warehouse to warehouse

Delivery throughout Ukraine

We will deliver customs cleared goods anywhere in Ukraine

Our team

Our team of professionals is always happy to receive your call. Contact us 365 days a year.

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Auto delivery
Yuri Skripko
Sea Shipping
Elena Melnik
Customs Broker
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Super specialist