Tax Reporting in Ukraine: Detailed Overview and Rules of Reporting Preparat...

Tax reporting in Ukraine


Legal entities in Ukraine are obliged to comply with tax legislation and submit various reports to the tax authorities. These reports are an important part of financial discipline and transparency in the company's activities. Let's take a look at what reports need to be submitted to the tax service in Ukraine and what are the main points to consider when preparing and submitting them.

The main types of tax reports for legal entities:


  1. Profit tax: Legal entities are obliged to submit a profit tax return. This report contains information on income, expenses and tax to be paid on the company's profits. The report is filed every 3 months.

  2. VAT: VAT payers are required to submit reports on their activities, including information on the amount of VAT they charge and pay and the deductions received. The report is filed every month.

  3. Social taxes: If the company has employees in addition to the director, the accountant calculates wages and taxes to be paid on wages each month. Such reports are filed every month.
    It should be noted that if the company has only the Director, and the company does not operate, you can not pay wages to the Director and submit only a report on income tax and VAT.  

In Ukraine, you can outsource an accountant who for 35,00 USD per month will submit blank reporting to the tax authorities. If you will have an insignificant number of business operations, the accountant is worth 75 - 100.00 USD per month.


As for individual entrepreneurs or another Physical Entrepreneur (FOP), who pay 5% of turnover, they file a report once a quarter. In Ukraine, you can outsource an accountant who for 75.00 USD per quarter will file a blank report to the tax authorities.  If you have business operations, the price will increase to 120.00 USD per quarter.

This is the basics you need to know about the timing and types of reports that need to be filed with the tax authorities of Ukraine.

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