Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Trans-Hope's Frequently Asked Questions page. We understand that shipping and customs clearance can raise questions, and in this section we provide answers to the most common inquiries to make your experience clearer and more satisfactory.


What are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?


FAQs are a set of informative answers to the questions our customers ask most often. It is a convenient way to get the information you need about our shipping and clearance services.


Popular Questions and Answers


Here we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. Question: Do you work with individuals?

Answer: We work with legal entities. However, you as an individual can apply to us for Importer Service / Exporter Service / Trading Agent Service and we will bring / export the goods you need on your behalf, according to your instructions.

2. Question: What types of shipments do you deliver?

Answer: We specialize in the delivery of various types of cargo, household appliances, consumer goods, clothing, footwear, industrial equipment food and raw materials.

3. Question: What is the delivery time?

Answer: Delivery time depends on many factors, the main ones are distance and type of transportation. We provide exact delivery terms when making a request for transportation.

4. Question: How is the customs clearance?

Answer: Our customs brokers ensure compliance with all necessary customs clearance procedures in accordance with the legislation. We give a comprehensive list of documents required for customs clearance, we type the cargo customs declaration and carry out all stages of customs clearance. Upon completion of our work, you receive a cargo released into free circulation, which you can dispose of at your discretion.

5. Question: What documents are required for customs clearance?

Answer: The documents may vary depending on the type of cargo and the country of departure, but usually required: sales contract, commercial invoices (Invoice), bills of lading, quality certificates, payment documents, and other documents confirming the characteristics and value of the cargo. We provide an exhaustive list of documents when signing an application for customs clearance.

6. Question: What taxes and duties should be paid during customs clearance?

Answer: Usually at customs clearance you have to pay VAT (value added tax) in the amount of 20% of the value of goods, import duty from 5% to 10%, depending on the type of cargo and the country of origin of the cargo, for some goods it is necessary to pay excise duty. Before shipment of goods, we detail the amount and amount of taxes and duties to be paid during customs clearance.

7. Question: How can I track the status of my delivery?

Answer: We inform you about the delivery of goods at each stage of the route.

8. Question: How can I get more information on a question that is not on the list?

Answer: You can ask any question you are interested in by contacting us at the contacts below. You can also take advantage of our FEA Consultation service. FEA consultations go beyond standard questions and answers. During consultations we provide detailed answers to any question you are interested in: finding a supplier, concluding a contract of sale, the nuances of delivery of goods, customs clearance, optimization of taxation in import and export operations.


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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are your trusted guide to the world of shipping and customs clearance. We strive to provide you with clarity and confidence in our services.